Welcome to Hotel Roosevelt

Charming hotel in Hotel Givet Champagne Ardenne

Facing the Meuse River, a handsome Ardennes home...

The Ardenne Valley, sublime scenery and charming villages.
Givet, a border town fortified under Louis XIV, its fortress
and its towers, and on the banks of the Meuse, happy days flow at the Hôtel Roosevelt!
This typically Ardennes-style home built of blue stone and brick houses
eight rooms just made for experiencing life's better things and a restaurant
(brasserie/creperie /tearoom) that opens out onto a lovely terrace overlooking the Meuse.
Genuine friendly atmosphere for a charming stopover in the Champagne-Ardenne region.

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Hotel Roosevelt - Version Mobile
Hotel Roosevelt - Mobile Version

Hôtel*** Roosevelt - 14, quai des Remparts - 08600 Givet - Champagne Ardenne
Phone : 0033 (0) 24 42 14 14 - Fax : 0033 (0)24 42 15 15 - Email :
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